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St. Paul Teletherapy Services

Assistance Facing Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, & More!

Seek Support From a Licensed Psychologist

Challenges in life are almost inevitable. Mental health, living situations, work, and other relationships can become tasking — making a negative impact on your overall well being. While some of these obstacles may seem difficult to overcome, speaking with a licensed psychologist can help you cope with your current situation and take steps towards recovery. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, learning disorders, or any other thing that might bring you discomfort in your day-to-day life, speaking with someone can help. Our teletherapy sessions are designed for people who might not be able to come in for a face-to-face visit or those who wish to visit with a licensed psychologist from the comfort of their own home.

At Psychology and Rehabilitation Services, we provide both in-person and mobile sessions to those who are experiencing tough times. Serving the Twin Cities metro area, our team has dealt with a number of different issues ranging from family issues to mental health issues, and more. If you think that speaking with a licensed psychologist might help you, we urge you to get in touch with our office. Schedule your appointment to video chat with Nathaniel Stewart — our in-house psychologist and counselor — today.

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Rehabilitation With Help From a Licensed Psychologist in Saint Paul

Even if you have challenges in your life—like a serious injury or a mental health issue—you can still have a rewarding career. Psychology and Rehabilitation Services, Ltd., in Saint Paul focuses on helping you get back to work or keep your job so that you can live as independently as possible.

We can help with:

  • Job placement and development

  • Vocational testing and evaluation

  • Case management, including ongoing consultation, communications with attorneys, family, friends, doctors and employers

  • Medical management

  • On-site job analysis

  • Employer consultation

  • Vocational cost and management

  • Labor market surveys

Our Goal: Getting Injured Workers Back to Work

No matter what you face, our goal is to return you to gainful and meaningful employment as soon as possible. We start with a thorough assessment to determine your physical, emotional, mental, vocational and psychological readiness. We then work with a full range of professionals, from your employer to medical assistants and workers’ compensation lawyers. We also work with your family to make sure they’re getting the necessary support.

Whether you are involved in a case as a physician, an attorney, an insurance company, an injured worker, a family, a claim adjuster or a new employer, Psychology and Rehabilitation Services offers expert advice and professional flexibility to you.

Our Approach: Rehabilitation

In everything we do, we focus on maximizing mental health improvement. To do that, we use research to help boost human growth potential. We look for every opportunity to improve the overall quality of life for each client. We look for measurable outcomes so that we know for sure our clients are continuing to get better and better.

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Look into group therapy by calling Psychology & Rehabilitation Services, Ltd., at (651) 237-3545. You can also complete the contact form on this page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with information about group therapy that meets your needs.

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