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Helping Families Solve Problems Through Therapy in Saint Paul

Families are complicated. And each family is complicated in its own way. Sometimes the issues that a family faces just become too much, and family members need outside help. At Psychology and Rehabilitation Services, we offer family therapy that helps families address issues and meet their goals. Our Saint Paul counseling center supports families from many cultures throughout the Twin Cities metro.

Is Family Counseling Right for You?

You may be wondering if family counseling is right for you. There’s no one right answer for everyone. But, chances are, if you are wondering if family counseling would be a good idea, it probably is. With family counseling, you get an experienced professional who can help you cope with difficult challenges and who can give you the tools necessary to communicate better, work through problems and relate better to each other.

  • Family crises
  • Mental health challenges
  • Financial stresses
  • Children’s behavioral challenges
  • Coping with disabilities

How Family Therapy Works

Trust is the foundation of the family therapy process. Your family therapist will talk with you to identify problems. Then you’ll work through matters, negotiating and compromising to find a win/win solution. Often, that means making sure everyone knows what is expected of them. It means creating respectful limits for children. And it means clearly communicating consequences if the rules aren’t followed.

Helping Adolescents and Their Families in the Twin Cities

We have special experience working with teens and their families to tackle difficult issues. We help resolve conduct disorders, adjustment disorders, oppositional defiant disorders, PTSD and other issues. These issues can be especially hard on teens and their families. Our goal is to help the family move forward to a happier and better life.

Contact PRS for Marriage & Family Therapy

Does your family need a little extra support? Take action by calling Psychology & Rehabilitation Services, Ltd., at 651-645-0645. You can also complete the contact form on this page, and we’ll get back to you right away. We can schedule a family counseling appointment so that you and your family can work through issues with help from a licensed psychologist.

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